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What to know when buying new business cards

Getting the right look and impression for your business is paramount to creating a positive. You want to create long-lasting impression on the companies you will be working with, helping you to foster new fruitful new relationships.

Business Cards are the one thing that the internet hasn't changed and they are still widely used to exchange business contacts. We've made it easy for you to get that right look for your company, new or established, with our professionally printed and finished full range of business cards products.

Ever break into a sweat when you’ve seen a good business card?

If you’ve ever watched American Psycho, you’ll know one of the oddest scenes (in a film chock full of odd scenes) has characters compare their business cards, like this:

Business cards are a world onto themselves in the printing industry. They serve the unique function of only providing a modicum of information, while simultaneously acting as something that those who need them want to look as unique and insightful as possible.

Your average business card might only be 85 mm wide x 55 mm high, but you can easily find yourself getting into a tizzy trying to figure out what yours should look like and what you want it to say. A question we get asked a lot here at YoYo HQ when someone is looking to get business cards done is “Does this look as good as other cards?” If you’re about to get your first business card or feel it’s time for a refresh, you’ll probably have some questions on how to make your card stand out, look good and (most importantly) get all your essential information crammed in there.

To help eschew any concerns, here is what we think you need to know, so you know how to make the perfect business card.

How to make the perfect business card:

  • Get 5 on it
  • Avoid special finishes
  • Grab someone in the room
  • Do you need reading glasses?
  • Embrace White Space
  • Go Vertical
  • Stay “on brand”

Get 5 on it

Ever scan a document to get a photocopy, notice you had your paper sitting funny and now some of the lines bleed off over the edge of your page? Business cards can be the same. We like to be precise when cutting cards up for delivery, but not every company pays attention. You don’t want your information to sit right in the corners or your business card as that’s where things can get cut off. You’ll want to keep a border of 5mm around the card. Think of it as an invisible frame.

Avoid special finishes

Foil blocking. Metallic inks. Folds. You might be enticed to think out of the box and go for a card that isn’t like others. We’ve seen cards that can blind you when reflecting off lights, cards where the ink rubs off in your hands, and worst of all, cards that fold up or have little latches like a cereal box. They can look good, but special finishes and crazy designs only do the job of making sure your business card does not look or feel like a business card. You don’t want bells and whistles to distract from your information or have a crazy shape that would annoy someone by getting jammed in their pocket or feeling like they need instructions to use it.

Grab someone in the room

You could spend all day tinkering in Photoshop and getting your card to look just right, but remember, the card is never for you; it’s for handing to someone you’ve only just met. Even if you think you’ve designed the best-looking business card ever conceived, pull someone in from the office and get them to have a once over on it. If someone you know can point out any flaws you’re not seeing, it’ll save embarrassment down the line, and that includes things like simple spelling mistakes.

Do you need reading glasses?

There’s only a small space to work with, but that doesn’t mean you want to try and fit the first chapter of Ulysses on your card. Use fonts appropriately and make sure everything is legible without having to move the card back and forward like an eye test. And remember to keep font type in line. You can use serif, italics and bold to make certain elements stand out, but don’t go crazy with different fonts as it will only confuse someone trying to read a card.

Embrace white space

You might be paying a good bit of money on cards (obviously not the case with our business cards), so you might think you want a bold design and lot’s going on to get your money’s worth. If you scale it all back and keep things simple so it’s one colour for your font and one for your background, it will send a clear message.

Go Vertical

Like reading a menu, looking at a book cover, or playing Cards Against Humanity, merely rotating things can make a business card memorable. Imagine yourself at a networking event. You get 50 business cards that are all landscape and feel identikit. You flick through the deck and see one that’s seemingly the wrong way around because it is printed portrait style. It will stand out for all the right reasons and remains within the simple constraints business cards have.

Stay “on brand”

Finally, if you have a website or branded materials already in circulation, try and stick with its likeness. A completely different card would throw someone off the signals the rest of your branding is trying to send.

For example, imagine if you worked at Coca Cola and made a lovely blue business card in a different font from the iconic can. Or if you worked for McDonalds and put a king’s crown on your crowd. Refer back to your source material and it helps make a connection.

Fancy getting a good deal on your business cards? We have one simple question at YoYo: single or double-sided? You can get business cards with your designs done in a jiffy. Just visit our business card printing page to find out more. Or visit us in person at 176 Bath St, Glasgow, hopefully we'll become your new favorite Glasgow Printer and we'll print some cool things together.

Business Card FAQ

What's the standard size for a business card?

90mm by 55mm is the standard.

How many business cards can I order?

We provide cards in the following orders:

  • 100
  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000

Can you design a business card for me?

If you don't know how to make your own design, we can do it for you. Design options include:

  • Check file and proof (+£10.00)
  • 1 hour design work (+£25.00)
  • 2 hours design work (+£50.00)
  • 3 hours design work (+£75.00)

I need business cards pronto! How quickly can you deliver?

We always try and get cards printed as quickly as possible. If you really need them in a hurry, you can choose from Super Fast delivery for £8, or same day delivery for £17.50.